Automechanika Keyvisual
8 – 9 February 2021 Fukuoka, Japan Exhibition enquiry

Associations seminars

Venue: 1F Presentation room(Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 80 seats)

  • Seminars will be conducted in Japanese.

The information below is of 2020, and to be updated to 2021 in December.

4 February

Speaker: Ms. Yumiko Kusano

  • Japan Esthetic Organization

Presented by: Japan Esthetic Organization

For professionals in: beauty industry

5 February

Speaker: Ms. Akiko Hino/Ms. Azumi Ogata


Speaker:  Ms. Akiko Hino

  • Deputy Vice-president, Japan Esthetic Examinaion Center

Speaker: Ms. Azumi Ogata

  • Ambassador, Japan Esthetic organization

Presented by: Japan Esthetic Examination Center

For professionals in: beauty industry