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For your easier pre-registration and entrance, we present you new visitor pre-registration.

All visitors must preregister. Without pre-registration, they will not be allowed to enter the fair.
If you are traveling from the country specified entry or visa restrictions, you will not be able to enter the venue. Please check with your local Japanese embassy or consulate before visiting.

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We have established these guidelines, based on "Exhibition Industry Guidelines for
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 Infection" created by the Japan Exhibition Association
and "COVID-19 Prevention Measures at Trade fairs" created by Tokyo Big Sight Inc., in order
to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection during the trade fair period.

In order to take all possible measures for trade fairs, 1.[Infection control measures to be
taken by the organizer] 2.[Infection prevention measures to be taken by exhibitors]
3.[Infection control measures addressed to visitors] are specified. We ask that you read
these guidelines and to cooperate with infection prevention measures.
* These guidelines are as of 19 December, 2022. The content of these guidelines may be
reviewed and revised as necessary based upon the advice of experts and changes in
infection rates.

At admission

Visitors for whom any of the following applies on the day of the visit to our trade fairs will
not be allowed to enter the fair.

• Those who present with a body temperature of 37.5°C or over.
• Those who have symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing.
• Those who have been infected with COVID-19 and have not passed the medical treatment
period specified by the government.
• Those who enter or return from countries/regions designated by the government and are in
self-quarantine period, or have had close contact with applicable residents.
• Those who are not feeling well (e.g., abnormal sense of taste or smell, fatigue).

Visitors who refuse any of following at admission will be not allowed to enter the fair.

• Those who are not wearing a mask (* non-woven mask is recommended) correctly at the venue
• Those who do not disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer at the venue entrance.
• Those who do not take temperature check by thermography.

After entry tothe venue(during businessmeeting)

• Mandatory correct wearing of mask (* non-woven mask is recommended) and frequent hand
washing / sanitizing.

Please create your account.

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  1. Access Messe Frankfurt Japan Visitor Registration
  2. Click "Create new account"
  3. Enter your email address and password of your choise (alphabet and numbers, more than 8 letters)
  4. You will receive email from the system
  5. Click the link in the email for further process
  6. Enter your personal and company information

* Due to technical and security reasons, please do not close visitor pre-registration page on browser until you create your account. Otherwise, you may have to start from the beginning again. 

Messe Frankfurt Japan Visitor Registration
  • 1 email address creates 1 account.
  • Once you create your account, you do not need to enter your pesonal and company inforamtion everytime you make visitor pre-registration for our fairs.
  • Please update your personal and company information if necessary when you make visitor pre-registration for any fairs. 
  • In case you cannot receive an email from our system, please contact system support.

Please make visitor pre-registration for a fair of your choise。

  • Visitor pre-registration is required when you come to our fair everytime. 
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  1. Sign in to the system with your ID and PW.
  2. Choose "Pre-register for the fair"
  3. Choose a fair you would like to visit
  4. Please make sure your personal and company information is correct
  5. Please answer questionnaire

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Your visitor pre-registration is completed.

To have your visitor badge on site, please visit "How to get your visitor badge"  from Menu.


About creating account 

If you do not receive any emails for, there are some possible reasons as below.

<Reason (1)> Spam filter offered by your Internet service provider, etc. misjudged the email as spam and sorted it into spam folder.

<Answer  (1)> Check the spam folder or ask your company's network system representative if the email is sorted as spam.

<Reason (2)> The email address you entered in registration was incorrect.

<Answer  (2)> If the email is not in the spam folder, it is not delivered to you due to email address error. If so, please notify us.

<Reason (3)> The email address like, etc.) reject our email due to local policy.

<Answer  (3)> We are requesting not to reject our email, but we are not sure at this point when our email will be allowed. Please try to use other email address if possible.

In case you cannot find the reasons, please contact us

  • Please do not close the page and/or close browser until you complete your creating your account. This is required to sercure your information.
  • It is reported that "Invalid access" is shown in case you are using "Secret Window" or"Private Browse Mode " while new account is created. Please use normal mode on your  browsers.

The email address is used by others for login ID already.

Please use other email address.

Login ID is email address you registered.

In case you do remember your login ID (email address) but do not remember password, please click "forget password" to reset your PW.  

You may login Messe Frankfurt Japan Visitor Registration to click "Edit my account" for modifying your personal and company information.

We would be appreciated if you update your personal and contact information before you make visitor pre-registration.

Please visit Messe Frankfurt Japan Visitor Registration to click "Unsubscribe (delete registration information completely.)

In case you would like to have account in the system after you unscribe your account, you are ought to create new account again. 

About Visitor Pre-registration

1 account is for 1 person's visitor registration ONLY.

Please make visitor pre-registration everytime you visit a fair.

* You do not need to register personal and company information all over again in case your information is updated. 

Messe Frankfurt Japan Visitor Registration

All visitors must preregister. Without pre-registration, they will not be allowed to enter the fair.

You may make pre-registration until the end of the fair.