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3 – 4 February 2020, Fukuoka


Is the fair open to public?

The fair is for trade only and NOT open to public. To verify the trade-related identification is required for entry.

How to get free admission?

For free admission, please bring the admission ticket onsite or complete online visitor pre-registration from this website.

Is it possible to register for more than 1 person at one time?

Due to the protection of private information, one registration is required per person.

When will the online visitor pre-registration start?

Online visitor pre-registration will be available after the middle of January for Tokyo fair, the middle of June for Osaka fair and the beginning of November for Fukuoka.

Can I bring children or pets to the fair?

The fair is for trade only. Visitors under the age of 16 or visitors with pets will NOT be admitted.

Can I search the exhibitors list or the exhibiting products before the fair?

Online “Exhibitor Search” will be available on this website from 1 month before each fair. Visitors can search all exhibitors list and exhibiting products by this searching engine.

Can I get the contact information of the exhibitors?

All information registered by the exhibitors can be found through “Exhibitor Search” on this website.

Is there any admission fee for seminars? Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

There is no admission fee for exhibitor presentations or seminars (with some exceptions). The first come first served system will be used and it is not necessary to make a reservation in advance.

How do I get to the venue?

Please click here for access to the venue.

Is photographing allowed at the fair?

No photographing is allowed with the exception of media preventatives who have the permission of the organiser. Wearing “Press Badge” and “Photographing Permission” arm band provided from the organiser is required.

Is there any hotel near to the fair venue?

Yes, please check the detailed information and available special discounts.

For the details

Is retail allowed at the fair? Can I use credit card for shopping?

Visitors can buy the products only at the booths where the retail activities are conducted. Regarding the use of the credit card, please check with the exhibitors in the booth directly.

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